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Stander, Little Black Book, Code 46, and Open Water screenings

1) If you want to see the movie "Stander", email "" with your name and daytime phone number ASAP. The screening is on Tuesday, August 3rd.

2) If you want to see "Little Black Book" on Wednesday, August 4th, email "" with your name and address ASAP.

3) If you want to see "Code 46" on Thursday, August 5th, go to "" and fill in the info. It's a contest just like the above screenings.

4) If you want to see "Open Water" on Thursday, August 5th, just rip out the invitation located in the film section of the 7/28-8/10 issue of TimeOut New York. That will serve as a pass for you and your guest to the screening ( no photocopies though ).

So many movies, so little time!

Please remember that arriving early to these screenings is a MUST in order to get a seat. Hint: Early = AT LEAST 1 hour and 30 minutes before the showtime! If you arrive any time later than that, your chances of getting in get slimmer and slimmer. You'll see what I mean as you have more free screening experiences. Consider it a privaledge of being part of this Community to know what "early" really means.

See you at the movies and feel free to post any movie info or comments. Thank you.
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