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The New York Film
invites you and a guest to our In-D
night featuring:


May 26, 2005 (Thursday) at

New York film Academy- Union
100 East 17th St (corner of Park Avenue)
4th Floor
New York, NY

Please rsvp to </font>film@nyfa.com.

THE NOMI SONG, winner of the Teddy Award for Best
Documentary at the 54th Berlin Film Festival.

Looks like an alien, sings
like a divaKlaus Nomi was one of 1980's most profoundly bizarre characters. He
was a cult figure in the New Wave Underground scene who sang pop music like
opera and brought opera to club audiences. He was a performer with a "look" so
strong, that his first audiences went wild before he even opened his mouth. On
the verge of international fame as a singer, he instead became one of the first
prominent artists to die of AIDS. But the reaction Klaus Nomi provoked was so
strong, that he is still unforgettable, even 20 years after his

THE NOMI SONG is a story of love of music and love of performing
and a time when it seemed as though everyone was struck by a sense of urgency to
make somethingor anythingand the feeling that "somewhere in the great cosmic
plan we all knew that we only had a finite amount of time together and we had to
make the most of it."

Featuring the music of Wire, The Marbles, The
Bongos, Pylon, The Mumps, Chi
Pig, and David Bowie, not to mention numerous,
never-before-seen live Klaus
Nomi performances, including Klaus ultimate
performance of The Cold Song with full orchestra, THE NOMI SONG is a documentary
that captures a place, a time, and a movement like no other.

SONG will be released on DVD Tuesday, June
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