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Free drive in Movie screening in Brooklyn,NYC.


The Guerilla Drive In is happening on the 23th and the 30th of Oct. It is a Sat. The film "12" by Lawrence Bridges will be screened courtesy of the Guerilla Drive In. Info on "12" can be found on Directions can be found on next to the New York show dates click on the word MAP for a link that will show where screening is. Screening is at 9pm advertised. The Guerilla Drive In happens in a parking lot in an industrial part of town. The film is projected onto a big white wall via a digital projector on the roof of the projectionist's car. The audio/soundtrack put out through a fm transmitter into your car stereo. Everything is powered by a generator. Who says filmmakers must bow down, obey and jump through studio hoops for thier independent film to be enjoyed by independent film lovers? Not the Guerilla Drive In and not 12. What will be asked of you? Absolutley nothing. Just come enjoy some independent cinema. The location is 171 Prospect Avenue Brooklyn NY 11215

Go and enjoy the free independent film screening.

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